Product Description

It is intended to provide guarantee directly from KGF A.Ş. on favor of SMEs for the supports provided within the scope of KOSGEB Support Programs.

Product Maturity

The maturity of the relevant KOSGEB support program is based on the guarantee maturity. Period to benefit from the guarantee is 6 months as from the guarantee granting.

Resource for Guarantee

KGF own equity

Related Financial Institutions / Corporations


Guarantee Limit

In case the enterprise receives repayment support from more than one KOSGEB support program at the same time, the guarantee limit provide on favor of an enterprise addressing KOSGEB by KGF is TRY 1 million so as not to exceed the sum of repayment support amounts specified in the Board Resolutions. The total guarantee limit to be provided on favor of enterprises constituting a risk group is TRY 1.5 million.

In calculation of this limit, the current risks of guarantee provided from the KGF Equities of the enterprise are to be considered, however the risks of guarantee provided from the Treasury Fund on favor the enterprise by KGF are not included.

Maximum Guarantee Rate


Fees and Commission

KGF collects guarantee commission at rate of 0.75% annually from the enterprise depending on the reserve and guarantee maturity, based on the guarantee risk for each year until the “Support Guarantee Letter” is to be returned by KOSGEB.

The enterprise will also deposit an application and examination fee of TRY 500 in total for once in the relevant bank account of KGF.

Kefalet/aval komisyonları yıllık oran üzerinden dönemsel (6 aylık) olarak hesaplanmaktadır.

Application Conditions

The company is to be one of the enterprises deserved to receive support payment from KOSGEB.

For Direct Application;