Product Description

KGF A.Ş. provides guarantee to the credits extended or to be extended by the Banks to SMEs operating economical and commercial activities and craftsmen, artisans, self-employed people, cooperatives (excluding land and residential building cooperatives), farmers and any other real and/or legal entity enterprises bearing the qualifications set or to be set in the Articles of Association of KGF, following credit worthiness determination conducted within.

Resource for Guarantee

KGF own equity

Related Financial Institutions / Corporations

KGF shareholder banks

Product Maturity

It is based on the Bank, Participation Bank, Financial Leasing Company maturity.
Period to benefit from the guarantee is 1 year as from the guarantee granting.

Guarantee Limit

Total guarantee limit given by KGF on behalf of each beneficiary is limited to TRY 1 million or equivalent amount in foreign currency so as not to exceed 80% of the credit limit requested by the bank. The guarantee limit for a risk group is limited to TRY 1.5 million or equivalent amount in foreign currency.

Maximum Guarantee Rate


Fees and Commission

The guarantee commission is collected based on the guarantee amount of KGF in advance during the credit extension for the first year, and at rate of 2% in advance based on guarantee risk for ever year in the consecutive years.
In case the credit extended to beneficiary is one of the credits, either Bank Overdraft/Revolving, Direct Debiting System or corporate finance support to be provided with current account of the Participation Banks, the guarantee commission shall be collected at rate of 2% in advance based on the guarantee limit of the KGF for each year.

Application Conditions

The beneficiary is required to be a real or legal entity enterprise with qualification of SME.
Applications are conducted by means of banks through internet on the address of