Product Description

It is intended to provide collateral under 100% guarantee of KGF to finance supports granted by TTGV, to projects which are performed by SMEs, include technological innovations, have commercial value and are for creating new product or developing process, strengthening competitiveness of current products, decreasing production costs, implementing clean production technologies or maintaining competitive power in energy-dense industries.

Product Maturity

The maturity of the relevant TTGV support program is based on the guarantee maturity. It is required that the support to be provided under guarantee of KGF is to be made available within the maximum support period, however this period may be extended upon request of TTGV and approval of KGF. The guarantee of KGF will be invalid for the portion of support which is not made available.

Resource for Guarantee

KGF own equity

Related Financial Institutions / Corporations


Guarantee Limit

Total guarantee limit per enterprise: TRY 1 million or equivalent in foreign currency.

In case the companies constituting a risk group have severally projects supported by TTGV, the total guarantee limit to be provided by KGF is TRY 1.5 million or equivalent in foreign currency.

While determining the limits, the current risks of guarantee provided from KGF equities of the applicant company are also considered.

Maximum Guarantee Rate


Fees and Commission

Application/Examination Fee: TRY 500 (for once) is collected for each project in order to put the company application into process.

Guarantee Allocation Fee: It is collected at rate of 0.5% (for once) of the guarantee amount so as not to be less than TRY 250 as fixed.

Guarantee Commission1: It is collected at rate of 1.5% annually through the amount in TRY obtained based on the selling rate of exchange of the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey on the accrual date.

While calculating the guarantee commissions to be collected, the remaining guarantee risks are to be based on, and it will be continued to be collected until the letter of guarantee is returned to KGF.

Application Conditions

The company must;

Have the necessary qualifications for SME,

Be one of the projects deserved to be supported by TTGV,

Have any project supported TÜBİTAK and TTGV, and in this case its letter of guarantee has not been turned into cash,

Not be in process of bankruptcy, dissolution, commission of bankruptcy and postponement of bankruptcy,

Have not execution proceeding by public organizations and institutions and banks or third persons during the application,

Have not any overdue tax and SSI debt during the application.

For Direct Application;