Product Description

For the credit application found appropriate by Turkish Eximbank, KGF guarantee is provided at rate of 100% of total of capital, interest and commitment risks (credit risk), and the guarantee amount to be set by KGF is considered and set forth by Turkish Eximbank.


Product Maturity

The maturity of the relevant EXIMBANK credit is based on the guarantee/surety maturity. In terms of credits not extended within 6 months of the date of issue of the “Letter of Intent” sent to Turkish Eximbank by KGF, the guarantee or surety of KGF ends.


Resource for Guarantee

KGF own equity


Related Financial Institutions / Corporations

Turk Eximbank


Guarantee Limit

The guarantee/surety limit to be provided on favor of each beneficiary by KGF is TRY 3 million or equivalent in foreign currency.


Maximum Guarantee Rate



Fees and Commission

KGF receives commission per year through the amount guaranteed, depending on the type and maturity of credits, for any types of credits guaranteed. In terms of credits under guarantee/surety with maturity more than 1 year, it collects the commission receivables through the risk annually.

The annual guarantee commission rates to be collected from SMEs including surety transaction are determined on basis of transaction depending on the credit worthiness and export potential of SMEs and credit amount including type and maturity of the credit.

Guarantee/surety commissions are calculated periodically (6-month) based on the annual rate.

The guarantee commission in guarantees granted based on foreign currency is collected in Turkish Lira with the buying rate of exchange of Central Bank of Republic of Turkey on the date when the credit is extended.

In sureties granted with foreign currency, the surety commission is collected in Turkish Lira with the selling rate of exchange of Central Bank of Republic of Turkey on the date when the credit is extended by T. Eximbank up to the bond maturity.


Application Conditions

The beneficiary is required to be a real or legal entity enterprise with qualification of SME exporting.

For Direct Application;