Trust is an abstract, intangible and invisible notion, difficult to put into words.

Humans have an innate sense of trust. It is useful to forge realistic perceptions of threat to build trust correctly. When you see your own strengths and weaknesses, discover your prejudices, that is, when you get to know yourself; you are able to more accurately analyze threats that may come from others.

While hasty attitudes, such as prejudice and decisions based on first impressions reduce trust, dialogue increases it. Because prejudice is the greatest obstacle to a correct questioning, it leads to wrong judgments and ultimately leads to erroneous decisions. This leads a person to take steps far away from the facts.

However, once built, trust is used as a strategic advantage, and with this advantage growth can be accelerated, cooperation and practices can be improved, and the value provided to stakeholders can be increased.

As in the KGF.

Trust has been our watchword since the outset. For us, the change is a door that could be opened from inside; thus, we have firstly gained the trust of the KGF family for this change.

Afterwards, we have trusted Turkey. Because we know that there is nothing that the Turkish people cannot achieve when they believe it.

Where we stand today is far beyond what we dreamed a year ago. In only 1 year, more than 200 billion in loans provided more than 350 thousand businesses with a lifeline.

While the capital adequacy ratio of banks improved, the rates of non-performing loans declined rapidly with a downward momentum, and improved balance sheets enabled businesses to concentrate on investment decisions. Walk-out check and bill rates have fallen rapidly, exports and employment have increased. Turkey has grown well above the growth expectations of international rating agencies.

The Credit Guarantee Fund has placed both the real sector and the banking system in the center, enabling them to meet on common ground by maximizing both parties’ common interests. In a short time, KGF has become a significant supporter of Turkey's development. KGF has become an important economic actor which has trusted and shared the risks of the banking system rather than designing it.

With the trust-based system it has rebuilt, the KGF has turned into a structure that works for the benefit of all stakeholders. This system will be a part of the support to be provided by both the banking sector and the real sector to the growth and development of Turkish economy. To that end, we have set goals and strategies for the next three years. We are making preparations and will continue to do so to put these goals in practice.

We trust the real sector, we trust the banking sector, because we believe in Turkey.



İsmet Gergerli

General Manager